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Le Culinaire Hospitality Institute

Australia's Premiere Hospitality Institute


“If cooking is not in your heart, there is no heart in your cooking” 

- Brad Bennet


Welcome to Le’ Culinaire, Australia’s premier hospitality Institute that provides candidates with the skills and knowledge to Master their passion and enter into an amazing Industry. The Institute’s unique food and hospitality-focused education model enables students to make the most of a rewarding career in the Hospitality industry. 

In order to compete internationally in the area of hospitality training, Le’ Culinaire remains at the forefront of innovation and education excellence. With the most up-to-date curriculum, state-of-the-art kitchens and classrooms, and dedicated faculty, the Institute offers the opportunity to learn transferable skills that would allow students to gain employment within the global market.

The Institute offers a broad range of courses that are tailored to the evolving demands of Industry. Students can choose to hone their skills in different areas of the hospitality sector including Certificate III Commercial Cookery, Certificate IV Commercial Cookery, Diploma of Hospitality and Advanced Diploma of Hospitality with a range of pathways to Housekeeping, Food and Beverage Service, Front Office, and more. There is a strong emphasis on imparting real-world skills and authentic industry experience in a professional setting.

Le’ Culinaire has Industry current and highly -qualified team of Trainers with excellent academic credentials and extensive experience in the industry. Their main aim is to broaden students’ understanding of their chosen speciality and motivate them to perform confidently in their future roles.

Le’ Culinaire has been the dream and vision of Restaurateur and Entrepreneur Brad Bennett—a highly organised and motivated hospitality management professional who brings years of experience in Vocational Education Management, Business Development, and Training to the table. He draws from his own unique experiences in the hospitality and tourism industries and guides the team at the Institute, making sure the theoretical and practical learning needs of each and every student are met.

After years of being actively involved in hospitality within Australia and Overseas owning and operating a number of restaurants and hotels. It’s now time to pass on the knowledge he has obtained along the way. As the world changes so has our desire to expand our horizons and seek new beginnings. And with this brings change it is through innovation that we create change and change requires something different and that why at Le’Culinaire we ignite the passion that you have inside creating a global generation of culinary masters. Le’Culinaire provides training that is innovative culturally diverse and that transcend boarders.

As a specialist Institute for hospitality, the drive at the campus is to offer students a positive learning environment that will help them in their overall development. Le’Culinaire works in tandem with the industry, spotting trends and filling gaps as and when they arise. With the dedication and commitment of experienced staff members and key industry partners, Le’Culinaire is equipped to offer students ongoing support and lead them on a pathway to success.

Learning is more than just gaining a qualification. It’s about amassing knowledge and honing practical skills for a great career start. Le’Culinaire is committed to helping students stay on track. It gives them the essential skills that are required to survive and thrive in this fast-paced industry.



Fair Trade

Offer both local and international candidates the requisite academic training and hands-on skills that will help build the foundations to succeed.


Student Centered

Help students achieve their highest potential personally, academically and professionally


High Quality Training & Services

Constantly update our training material to stay current with the ever-changing hospitality industry to bring the best education possible to our students

Meet Our Trainers


Chef Steffen


Chef James


Chef Luke


Chef Steve

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