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Student Support & Welfare

Student Support Officers

Le Culinaire Hospitality Institute has a positive and friendly student support team who are here to help you!

Please call or email to book an appointment with your desired person. We would be happy to assist you and if we are unable to help, will lead you into the direction of someone who can!

Learning Support Services

Le Culinaire has a team of qualified trainers and assessors who have lots of experience in the industry and are focused on the growth of the students as well as providing a safe and comfortable learning environment.

Le Culinaire offers a support class every Friday whether it be assistance with written and conversational English, help with assessments or other general matters.

Please email for any assistance and to book into these sessions.

Counselling Services

Le Culinaire can arrange and assist students in getting support and arranging Counselling services. We are here to support every student along the way and support them in their growth and learning as well as assist them with anything they need in adjusting to life in Australia.

Where personal or practical concerns interfere with student’s ability to study, these services can assist students to resolve the immediate issues and develop strategies for the future. Students may wish to speak to a counsellor about matters such as:

  • Adjusting to living in a new culture

  • Coping with relationship and family issues

  • Dealing with homesickness, stress or depression

  • Managing time, or

  • Maintaining motivation


Should you require assistance contact student support by sending an email to

Include your full name, contact number and student identification number and you will be contacted to arrange an appointment.

Note: all discussions held are confidential.

Student Information

Le Culinaire shares a range of information to students, prior to arrival and after they have arrived in Australia.

The information provided that is specifically focused on student support includes but is not limited to:

  • Website online Forms and Policies

  • Qualification Information

  • Student Handbook

  • Learner Portal Tutorial

  • Student Code of Conduct

Student Support Facilities

Le Culinaire Hospitality Institute provides students with:

  • Free (WIFI) Internet access to complete research and assignments

  • Student Lounge

  • Fully equipped Commercial Kitchens for practical sessions

  • Air-conditioned class rooms and common areas

  • Support Classes

  • Student Lockers for students whilst on-site

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