SITSS00051 - Food Safety Supervision

Course Price  $170.00


A set of skills to equip individuals in hygienic practices and handling food safely during the storage, preparation, display, service, and disposal of food. This is a government approved course for those wanting to become qualified as a Food Safety Supervisor in the hospitality sector. Combining online and work-based assessment this course is the fastest way to get your Food Safety Supervision certificate. 

Laws and Requirements

The Food Act 2003 (NSW) requires certain food businesses in the NSW hospitality and retail food service sector to have at least one trained Food Safety Supervisor (FSS).

Units included in this Skill Set

Code                   Title

SITXFSA002     Participate in safe food handling practices

SITXFSA001     Use hygienic practices for food safety

The units of competency WILL incorporate three key focus areas determined by the Food Authority and published on its website:

  • safe egg handling

  • allergen management

  • cleaning and sanitising practices

Food Safety Supervision

SITSS00051 - Food Safety Supervision


SITSS00055 - Responsible Service of Alcohol 

SITSS00055 - Responsible Service of Alcohol

Course Prices $150.00

Next intake 12 August 2022

This Nationally Accredited Skill Set addresses the set of skills required to equip individuals for serving alcohol responsibly.



This training applies to the personnel involved in the sale, service, and promotional service of alcohol in licensed premises. It also applies to the licensee who is ultimately responsible for managing the responsible service of alcohol.

Delivery and duration of training

The training is delivered Face to Face on premises. The course may take up to 36 hours depending on the learner’s experience


SITSS00035 - Customer Service Management

Course Price $380.00


A set of skills to equip individuals managing quality customer service provision in any sector of the tourism, travel, and hospitality industry.

Skill Set Requirements

Unit code         Unit title 

SITXCCS007    Enhance the customer service experience

SITXCCS008    Develop and manage quality customer service                              practices

SITXCOM005   Manage conflict


SITSS00035 - Customer Service Management


SITSS00048 - Espresso Machine Operation 

SITSS00048 - Espresso Machine Operation 

Course Price  $250.00


A set of skills to equip individuals in preparing and selling espresso coffee beverages.


Skill Set Requirements

Unit code                   Unit title 

SITHFAB005              Prepare and serve espresso coffee

SITXCCS006              Provide service to customers

SITXFIN001                Process financial transactions

SITXFSA001               Use hygienic practices for food safety