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A Message from the CEO

“At Le Culinaire Hospitality Institute we don’t train our students to be average, we inspire them to be awesome. It is only with knowledge and passion that one becomes not just educated but empowered. When studying at Le Culinaire, we will make available to you the skills and knowledge to succeed not only in the industry but in life. 

At Le Culinaire our aim is to provide students with the most knowledgeable trainers with the highest skills sets delivering a variety of “professional life experiences” to equip our students with the tools of knowledge to achieve their goals.

Our courses have been developed based on close interaction with our industry consultants, qualified trainers and assessors, along with my passion and years of professional experience in hospitality and as the founder and CEO of Le Culinaire Hospitality Institute.

We aim to engage and educate quality students by providing “professional industry knowledge” that will assist them in being ready to enter the workplace and achieving a successful future”.

“At Le Culinaire We don’t train you to be average, We inspire you to be awesome” 


Brad Bennett, CEO

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About Brad

Brad Bennett, is a renowned Restaurateur and culinary educator, passionate about his career and the hospitality industry. He began his culinary journey at the age of 16 as a kitchen hand / dishwasher and then made his way up into the kitchen as a trainee cook with the Myer emporium in Adelaide, South Australia. Since then, he has been actively engaged in the Hospitality industry. Over the last forty years, Brad has had an eventful and diverse career. He has owned and operated many restaurants in Melbourne, has relocated and worked in London, then Monaco and then spent a several years in China lecturing at the Chengdu University of Technology in hotel management and western cookery before returning to Australia. Brad Bennett is the founder and CEO of Le Culinaire Hospitality Institute, the Institute has been his drive and vision for the past four years.

From his varied experience in Australia and abroad, Brad has brought his own unique experience and knowledge of the industry to guide his team at the institute. Not only does he have experience operating restaurants, but he has also fulfilled management roles in hotels, giving him a broader vision of the 2020 Brad was to Achieve his certificate as  “World Chefs Culinary Educator”. Now it is time for Brad to pass on the knowledge he has obtained along the way.

In an industry rich in competition, Brad had the desire to create something different, something unique. Le Culinaire was born to ignite the passion that students have for what they do, to create a generation of culinary masters. Brad’s aim was to create a place providing innovative culturally and diverse training. As Brad says “we don’t train you to be average, we inspire you to be awesome”.

Brad was recently honoured to be chosen as the Australian representative for “Ambassador of Taste for the Global

Gastronomy” Gold Medal 2021, along with this Brad has been selected as a “Disciple of Escoffier” distinctions that resonates with him because they celebrate strong values that are the core of Brad’s vision.

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