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A Message from our CEO

In an industry that is highly competitive, Brad recognized the need to create something different and unique, which led to the creation of Le Culinaire Hospitality Institute. The institute's primary goal is to ignite students' passion for their craft and develop a generation of culinary masters. Brad's vision was to provide innovative, culturally diverse training that would inspire students to be exceptional rather than average. As Brad often states, “We don't train you to be average, we inspire you to be awesome” Brad's exceptional contribution to the hospitality industry was recognized when he was chosen as the Australian representative for the "Ambassador of Taste for the Global Gastronomy" Gold Medal 2021/22. In addition, he has been awarded the "World Master Chefs Societies Culinary order of Merit" distinctions, which align with his core values of loving what you do and being exceptional at it. These accolades highlight Brad's passion and commitment to his vision of creating an exceptional culinary institute that inspires students to achieve greatness.

Brad's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to start now. He believes that there is no right time and no time like the present to pursue your dreams and build your future. He advises people to stop procrastinating and telling themselves that they will start next week. This is not a resolution or a diet; it's your dream, and you need to take action to make it a reality.

So, get on your feet, get up, and start making it happen.


Brad Bennett, CEO

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About Brad

Brad is a highly respected Restaurateur and culinary educator who has been passionate about the hospitality industry since he started his culinary journey at the age of 16 as a kitchen hand/dishwasher with the Myer Emporium in Adelaide, South Australia.

Over the past four decades, he has been actively engaged in the hospitality industry, owning, and operating numerous restaurants in Melbourne, working in London and Monaco, and lecturing at Chengdu University of Technology in China on hotel management and western cookery.

As the founder and CEO of Le Culinaire Hospitality Institute, Brad has utilized his varied experiences both in Australia and abroad to guide his team at the institute.

With his unique experiences and knowledge of the industry, which includes fulfilling management roles in hotels, he has a broader vision of the industry.

In 2020, Brad was certified as a World Chefs Culinary Educator, and he is now eager to share the knowledge he has gained along the way with his students.

Brad Bennett, the founder, and CEO, aims to engage and educate top-quality students by imparting professional industry knowledge, which will prepare them for the workplace and enable them to achieve a successful future.

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